Who we are

A Small Collaborative Design Studio

We are Tyler + Jenae Michaletz. We are two Graphic Designers who truly care about people and their pursuits. Jenae grew up in Madison, WI and Tyler was born and raised in Aitkin, MN. We both went to UW-Stout for Graphic Design and soaked up as much knowledge and design intuition as possible. Michaletz + Co is being birthed out of our love for design and desire to support others with this passion.

What we Do


We give your business affinity. Business is changing. It is no longer simply selling a product at a low price and people will buy it. Customers want to engage with businesses. They want to like the people they are buying from. They want to be a part of their story, and vice versa. They want to connect. We do this with our branding. We want to tell your story, so that your customers will like you, identify with you, and support you, and remember you. This all starts with a logo or branding system that is simple, clear, and approachable.

Web Design

It is the 21st century. Web design is necessary for any modern and successful business. You need to get your name out there and let people find you. Not only do create a website with some text, but we create an experience for potential customers that draws them to your brand. We create this experience across all devices, because let's face it, we look stuff up on our phones all the time.


This is where design gets personal. Packages are that one thing that is physically shared by a business and their clientele. It was in your hands, now it is in your customer's. We create packaging that is beautiful and sensory. People should want to hold your products; We want to make that happen for you.

Anything Else You Need

We enjoy branding, web, and packaging. They are important and fun, but we are capable of executing any design project you need. We have experience in publication, advertising, screen printing + t-shirts, social media, video, photography, and some animation. Please feel free to contact us about anything regarding what we can do for you.